18th Edition Wiring Regulations Released on 2 July

18th Edition Wiring Regulations Released on 2 July

The 18th Edition is less than 2 weeks away!

18th Edition BS7671:2018 is released on 2 July after months of anticipation around what will be included in the course and any update and the extent it will change training and implementation moving forward.

Keep an eye out on the 2 July for our 1 day and 3 day 18th edition courses.

Do I need training for the 18th Edition?

It is fair to say that although initially the third amendment was expected to represent a significant update, the training course content was not expected to have far reaching changes. However this has gradually changed as amendments and news emerges around changes to the BS7671 wiring regulation.

We now know the book is perhaps 3 or 4 times larger than it is currently and takes into account the modern home and the impact of wireless devices, new technology and digital interference with wiring.

Although we are 2 weeks away from the course content being released it is clear that hands on, detailed training is needed to maintain the required IET and British Standard set out in the 18th Edition.  Due to the extent of changes made in the 18th edition all assessment’s for the above training will be subject to a 2 hour 60 question multiple choice question paper. This is the City & Guilds 2382-18.  Just attending an update session is not deemed sufficient as many people hoped.

18th Edition training course certification with Oakley:

Oakley Training & Consultancy will be offering a range of programmes from our Basingstoke training centre depending on our client’s learning styles. You can see the Course contents as it is developed on the 1 day or 3 day links below.

18th edition training courses we offer:

Call us for group training or on-site training on 0333 358 3521 or email us to pre-book on enquiries@oakley-services.co.uk

18th Edition BS7671 key points to take away:

  • During the transition period both the 17th & 18th publications are current. They cannot be mixed during this period.
  • Designs completed before 31 December 2018 can be installed under 17th edition guidelines for the first few months of 2019.
  • Other publications, courses and amendments will be upgraded during this period
  • Compliance is needed from 1 January 2019