Your business could be risking a Health & Safety fine of over £112,000!

Your business could be risking a Health & Safety fine of over £112,000!

As a business owner or Managing Director, you may think you have the Health & Safety thing covered, but do you know for sure that your business IS fully Health & Safety and First Aid compliant?  If you’re not or perhaps you’re unsure, then there is a solution.

We specialise in helping businesses who may not be 100% aware of their roles and responsibilities in relation to Health & Safety and First Aid at Work, by keeping them and their team up to date and fully trained.

It’s a frightening statistic that of all the Health and Safety fines issued in 2016, half of them were for the manufacturing industry (£16,816,673) and the average fine was over £112,000!

Make sure the only risk you expose yourself to is a sound risk assessment.

Health and Safety Laws apply to all organisations.  As an employer or a self-employed person, you are responsible for the health and safety in your business.  Health and safety laws protect you, your employees and the general public from dangers within the workplace.

We can help you become fully compliant by providing comprehensive training for your employees so that they will be able to understand the role of Health & Safety in the Workplace and understand basic risk assessment.

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