Interview Techniques

Course Details

This interview techniques course Everyday contact involves some form of interaction between people however the effectiveness of formalised interview situations at work plays a major part in every organisation’s success.  This course is designed to build confidence and improve interviewing skills in situations such as: recruitment, selection, grievance, discipline, counselling and appraisal.

Benefits to you

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the main objectives of each type of interview
  • Appreciate the interpersonal skills required to carry out various types of
  • Interviewing situations
  • Understand the general principles of interviewing approach, preparation, structure and follow up
  • Employ the skills of questioning and listening to ensure effective communication during the interview process

Course Contents

  • Types of Interview
  • Interview Preparation and Planning
  • Identifying the Need to Interview
  • Structuring the Interview
  • Questioning and Listening Techniques
  • Practice Interviews
  • Addressing Sensitive Issues
  • Record Taking
  • Information Gathering
  • Personal Action Plan

Who should attend?

Managers, supervisors and others who are involved in interviewing situations.  They may have had little formal training, or require a refresher.