What to do at a Road Traffic Collision (RTC)

Course Details

There are numerous reports in the media where people stop at road traffic incidents and are injured or more tragically killed. This realistic and informative one day workshop is aimed at the career driver and outlines safe working practices when they are the first person on scene of a Road Traffic Collison (RTC). Designed by members of the emergency services it gives the background knowledge of safe working procedures to be followed to allow for the most optimistic of outcomes for all concerned. It also outlines the basic management and treatment of trauma caused by the incident.

Benefits to you

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand safe working principles in dealing with a road traffic incident
  • Provide basic life support skills to casualties
  • Provide accurate and knowledgeable information to the emergency services
  • Understand basic trauma management techniques

Course Contents

  • Are you safe to drive?
  • Scene management – externally and internally
  • Dynamic risk assessment
  • Basic Life Support and First Aid treatment techniques
  • Talking to the emergency services
  • Recording of essential details
  • Dealing with the trauma of an incident

Who should attend?

Career drivers or those who wish to understand the principles of incident management.