Safe Use of Gas Cylinders

Course Details

This safe use of gas cylinders course has been designed for companies who use industrial gases. Safe systems of work including the use of appropriate risk assessments are essential of reducing any potential incidents. The course is delivered by experienced Health & Safety personnel who have  a background in welding and fabrication.

Benefits to you

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • How to visually check regulators and safely connect them to gas cylinders.
  • The hazards associated with industrial gases.
  • Safe working practices in accordance with relevant codes of practice and guidance notes.

Course Contents

  • Why do accidents occur and why we need safe systems of work?
  • Potential hazards when working with gas cylinders
  • Hazards involved with cylinders
  • Different types of cylinders and Regulators
  • Gas cylinders
  • Safe storage and handling
  • Transporting cylinders

Who should attend?

This course is essential for all managers, supervisors, inspectors and personnel who work with gases and oxygen-fuel equipment.